In 1999 Richard Samuels founded the Obsidian Financial Services,and opened it’s first office in Scarborough, Ontario. This dynamic financing firm, sought to bring secured financing services unparellelled at that time in the industry to retail  and small business consumers.

The original financing Solutions offered were Auto financing, Mortgages, Debt Settelement Services,and inventory Financing,  (Just to name a few!)

In 2007, Richard Samuels opened and founded Obsidian Mortgage Corporation, a fully licensed Brokerage firm in the province of Ontario. In it’s initial 2 years in the industry Obsidian Mortgage Corporation had received National recognition in it’s space and by it’s peers in the Canadian Mortgage Professional Awards for being one of the premier Brokerage firms in Canada.

In 2010 Richard Samuels amalgamated the services of the two (2) Companies (Obsidian Financial Services & Obsidian Mortgage Corporation) into one (1) entity which we now refer to as Obsidian Mortgage Corporation & Financial Services.

At Obsidian Mortgage Corporation, we attribute a great deal of our success to our steadfast principles and personal, short-term/ long-term approach to Financing and investments.

Obsidian Mortgage Corporation & Financial Services  has a consistent track record of being  ranked among the top Brokerages in Canada, and our employees tend to stay with us for years (if not decades). Because we’re still a privately owned company Obsidian Mortgage Corporation has a very personal feel about it  that’s almost feels like family, and that’s something we are extremely proud of, and encourage you to experience for yourself!



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