We Enjoy Assisting Our Clients

Our Team Of Obsidian Mortgage Corporation professional Finance and Mortgage Consultants take a personal pride and satisfaction in our ability to assist and bring true value to our clients through the solutions we provide.

Whether your an individual or family that finds themselves in financial hardship seeking a way to manage your mortgage and other outstanding bills. We take pleasure in sitting down and working with our clients to determinine a “Financial Game plan” that in most cases can asssist in alleviating the stress and pain, that these type of financial burdens, and/or shortfalls can create.

We also enjoy assisting our clients in times of financial rewards also, when we are able to save our clients thousands of dollars annually with the products we are able to provide, or when we are able offer our clients rates that are better than what they were told they deserve from others, all without the longstanding branch manager relationship,or concerns for branch office quotas, simply because it’s what we do, and we enjoy it!!

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