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At Obsidian we believe your mortgage should not be a cause of stress. We are dedicated to providing competitive mortgage financing solutions that are tailored to your ever-changing financial needs. We encourage our clients to consider taking advantage of the selected mortgage products offered through our Easy Living Mortgage Solutions Program. The program offers the following benefits:

Home owner Assist Program

Designed to help homeowners who experience temporary financial difficulty, CMHC and GE Insured Mortgage Solutions allow borrowers to develop a plan in partnership with lenders and insurers thereby enabling them to keep their home when faced with hardship.

Home Buyer Priviledge Program

Mortgages insured by Genworth Financial Services (GE) receive access to the Homebuyer Privileges Program. Through a network of nationwide suppliers, the Homebuyer Privileges Program offers savings on a variety of home-related products and services so homeowners can convert their house into their dream home.

Renewal and Annual Notifications

All Peace of Mind members receive notification three months prior to their renewal period of the option to reserve rates and other potential renewal options.

E-Newsletters and Videos

From renovation and maintenance tips, to cost-effective ways to pay down their mortgage faster, these informative tools are designed to help homeowners live comfortably in their new home.

Obsidian Mortgage Corporation Consultant Support

Our consultants are availible by telephone or email to answer any questions you have regarding your mortgage or financial situation. We encourage you to contact us before making a big purchase such as a car, or a second property.


1 Year Fixed
2 Year Fixed
3 Year Fixed
4 Year Fixed
5 Year Fixed
10 Year Fixed Mortgage
5 Year Variable
2.85% Prime -0.15
7 Year Fixed
Home Equity Line of Credit
3.50 Prime +.50




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