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Home Refinancing Mortgage Solutions
If Purchasing your first home is most likely the single biggest and most important investment decision you will ever make, Refinancing decisions are probably your second biggest decision. These Easy Living Obsidian Mortgage Corporation Refinance Mortgage Solutions are designed to assist you with your refinancing needs. Whether you are looking for assistance to take advantage of competitive rates, or the equity you have built into your home, our mortgage specialists will fully explain your mortgage options and provide the best advice available to meet your individual and unique financial needs.

We offer the following Home Refinancing mortgage solutions:

Conventional Home Refinance Solutions
These uninsured and competitively priced Mortgage Financing solutions are available for those purchasing homes with a minimum of 15% of existing Equity in their home.

*CMHC/GE/AIG Insured Home Refinance Finance Solutions
These Mortgage solutions are backed by default insurance which allow home owners to Refinance their mortgage a home with as little as 5% existing equity. These mortgage solutions allow for interest rates comparable to those with a 20% Existing Equity, allow home owners to build equity and paydown their mortgage sooner. -Read More About our "Minding you Peace" Mortgage Solutions, to learn more about what Obsidian Mortgage Corporation has to offer.

New Comer/New to Canada Refinance Mortgage Solutions

These insured mortgage finance solutions allow those new to canada with permanent residence status access to competitively priced mortgage solutions with as little as 5% existing equity in your home for those with permanent status.

Self Employed Refinance Mortgage Solutions
These insured mortgage finance solutions allow self employed borrowers, with or without traditional forms of income verification to better enable 100% commission based individuals the ability to refinance their home up to 10% exisitng equity in their home.

Line Of Credit Refinance Mortgage Solutions
All the convenience of a line of credit plus more, these competitively priced open mortgages allow you more flexible repayment and prepayment options, than traditional mortgages. Click here to go to our resource page to learn more about the advantages of Line of Credit Mortgages.

Green Homes Refinance Mortgage Solutions
an Insured Mortgage financing solutions designed for those who plan on making energy efficient improvements to an existing home. Borrowers maybe eligible for extended amortization without a premium surcharge and a 10% mortgage insurance refund.

Chattel Mortgage Refinance Solutions

These insurance mortgage financing solutions is designed for those who are refinancing manufactured or floating homes where a traditional real estate mortgage is not applicable.

Self directed RRSP Home Refinance Mortgage Solutions These Insured Mortgage solutions allow one to use ones Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) for the refinance of a new or existing owner/borrower occupied home.

Income Property Mortgage Solutions
These insured mortgage solutions allow homeowners to refinance rental properties with upto 4 units.

**Self Insured Home Refinance Finance Solutions
These Lender Self Insured Mortgage Solutions allow individuals to refinance their homes at 100% of the appraised value of their home. Because these types of mortgages are not backed by third party default insurance coroprations, the rates tend to be slightly higher than conventional bank financing.

**Private Mortgage Home Refinance Finance Solutions
These Private Investor/Lender mortgages are excellent short term vehicles to attain financing where all institutionally insured forms of financing are unavailable These forms of financing are based primarily on the property's value, and tend to be more expensive than the above mentioned solutions, as rates tend to be higher then traditional institutional mortgage financing,with Lender & Brokerage fees that come out of proceeds, and appraisal,inspection and lender Legal retainers to come out of the borrowers pocket. These financing solutions in collaboration with a solid game plan can be used as a great bandaid to allow individuals to refinance their home, and consolidate high interest credit cards, and get them on the road to "bankability".

We offer the following Private Mortgage Home Purchase Finance solutions:

Private First Mortgage Home Refinance Solutions

These Mortgage solutions allow individuals to refinance homes with as little as 20% Existing equity.

Private Second Mortgage Home Purchase Solutions
In some instances these Mortgage Solutions allow individuals to refinance homes at lower interest rates, then private first mortgage Refinance home solutions behind conventional uninsured 1st mortgages with as little as 15% Existing equity.

Click here To Learn more on the Residential Mortgages and the refinancing process in our resource section or contact us directly and speak with an Obsidian Mortgage Corporation Professional Mortgage and finance Consultant for more information.

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