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These investment opportunities are ideal for the experienced investor who seeks aggressive high-yield returns and is not easily intimidated by situations of default and/or power of sale. Each mortgage investment is owned directly by the investor and investors are independently responsible for the administration and management of each individually-selected investment.

Generally, 2nd mortgage investments over the years have had annual yields at maturity of greater than 18%.

Private placement applicants receive free enrolment in our Private Investor Exchange Program. The Exchange Program is an online platform that allows investors access to information that affects their current and future investment opportunities. Investors can also reserve their mortgage investments online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information on the Private Mortgage Investment Placement Program please feel free to contact our office at  416-283-4735 ext.111 or fill out our online request form.



1 Year Fixed
2 Year Fixed
3 Year Fixed
4 Year Fixed
5 Year Fixed
10 Year Fixed Mortgage
5 Year Variable
2.85% Prime -0.15
7 Year Fixed
Home Equity Line of Credit
3.50 Prime +.50


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