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The Private Investor Exchange is an internet-based Canadian service firm that connects its members with private investment opportunities primarily secured by real estate.

These Investment opportunities are predominately through existing Vendor Take Back (VTB) mortgages and private 1st and 2nd mortgages that chartered banks and major financial institutions are not able to finance due to strict federal and provincial lending guidelines.

The Private Investors Exchange is composed of mortgage origination providers who provide real estate finance investment opportunities for our network of private investors.

You don't have to be a Chartered Bank, or financial institution to participate in the real estate market. Private Investment Exchange members emphasize the collateral and existing equity in a property. The returns on many of the investments offered would make your banker jealous.



1 Year Fixed
2 Year Fixed
3 Year Fixed
4 Year Fixed
5 Year Fixed
10 Year Fixed Mortgage
5 Year Variable
2.85% Prime -0.15
7 Year Fixed
Home Equity Line of Credit
3.50 Prime +.50

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