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We currently offer a robust line of Mortgage Insurance Solutions to assist with protecting the largest liability that most canadians have. We currently offer the following Mortgage Specialty protection products:

Mortgage Protection Products ** Fully Portable Coverage Available! **

Mortgage Balance is paid in the event that the applicant passes away due to natural or accidental causes. Up to $1.5 Million in Coverage is available.

Mortgage payments are paid for up to 24 months after a 60 day waiting peroid. Each applicant can insure up to 100% of the mortgage payment. Covers principal, intereest, and taxes. Up to $6,000/m in coverage available.

In the event that the applicant is diagnosed with a critical illness* and survives 30 days from the date of diagnosis, the insurance company will pay either a 24-month benefit of the insured’s mortgage payment, or a full life benefit that will pay off the mortgage  depending on the carrier.

If the applicant suffers involuntary unemployment, the insurance company will pay a monthly benefit for up to 6 months.* Both 30 and 60 day waiting periods available.

Available for clients who do not qualify for standard coverage and who do not want to insure themselves with guaranteed issue insurance.

Specialty Protection Products

We are also able  to offer individual life coverage for interested clients

  1.  10,20, & 30 Year Terms.
  2. Life Coverage from $50,000 up to $5,000,000 availabel for ages 18 to 75.
  3. Non Face-to-Face, application.
  4. Simplified Issue term life insurance available ( under $250,000).
  5. Renewable & Convertible.

Can also be used to insure lines of credit, commercial mortgages, and more!

Suitable for clients who have been previously turned down for group creditor insurance due to medical issues.

Coverage ensures that the applicant’s family will have the funds they need to take care of funeral and last expenses. Up to $50,000 in life coverage. No Medical Required. 

Issue ages: 40-85

Coverage secures a child’s insurability for when they are an adult and policies can be converted to permanent or term. From $35,000 to $175,000 in life coverage. Living benefit of up to $35,000. Simplified issue with no medical exam!

Issue Ages: 0 (15 days) to 17 years (payable to age 25)

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* All coverage is subject to the terms and conditions set out in the certificates. Please contact your Obsidian Professional for more details as coverage may vary from carrier to carrier.


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