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Liability Management is defined as the process of progressively paying down and handling those outstanding bills, in a manner that minimizes the risk of financial instability. This can be an important area, not to be overlooked by households who are in a situation where they are unable to afford/handle for an unexpected expense, if one were to occur. Situations such as this can be managed by consolidating your higher interest rate products such as credit cards, into lower priced options such as more manageably priced installement and/or secured mortgage loan options.

This can result in a lower month to month expenses, and in many cases allow households to pay down the outstanding debt faster.

These services can also be used understand and figure out potential budgets for future potential expenditures, such as car, and understanding what type of a financial impact the purchase will have to the overall financial picture.

Liability Management Details

This Service is one of the founding solutions offered via Obsidian Financial Services in 1999, and for over the decade is one of Obsidian Mortgage Corporation & Financial Services most popular products. Our Liability Management Solution services are made up of the following:

  • Secured Financing Services
  • *Settlement Services
  • *3rd Party Financial Arbitration Services
  • *Collection Call “Blackout” Services
  • *Liability Management Exit Strategy Consultation
  • Score Checker Credit Predictor Services


If you would like to know more about how these Liability Management Services, could assist you please contact 416-283-2377 and experience the world of Obsidian Mortgage Corporation and Financial Services today!!

*These Services mentioned above are offered/provided via our affiliation with  Obsidian Financial Services.

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