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 W e at Obsidian Mortgage Corporation & Financial Services strive to relieve some of the personal stress that can be associated with making those difficult financing decisions such as with the purchase of a new or second home. This is accomplished by providing competitive mortgage and secured financing solutions to our clients that are custom fit to their current financial situation, and revisiting these situations on a regular basis and revising them if need be to suit, as their financial needs change and evolve.

Residential Mortgage Financing


If you are considering purchasing a Home or Alternative property such as cottage or vacation home, Obsidian Mortgage Corporation is able to offer our clients mortgage Purchase financing of up to 100% of the value of your property (with proof of 5% Down Payment) through the use of  our Lender’s affiliate Cash back Programs.

Our purchase financing solutions for those requesting  up to 95% of the value of your property are the most competitive rates in the industry.

If you qualify for a Mortgage at the Bank, we offer the best suited term rate we can provide..Period! No need to Haggle, or negotiate for the best rate, or long term standing relationship with the Branch manager needed.

If you have been turned down by the bank, we offer a variety of private mortgage Home Purchasing financing solutions that will finance up to 90% of the value of your new home or residential property purchase.
These Private Mortgage options are traditionally less competitive in pricing than the solutions we offer from Banks and Major Financial institutions, however they are great financing options for those cases where an individual is newly, or self employed, or have had  issues with their credit in the past.
We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business, and treat all our clients with the expectation that they will be our long standing clients of the future.

We also encourage all of our clients to take advantage of the many “value added” benefits associated with the services and solutions we provide, and to also take a glance at our Consumer Resource Site for even more information on purchasing your new home, or residential Property.



Auto Financing Services 

We also offer financing solutions on new and used vehicles of all makes and models.  These financing options are available for vehicles that you currently own, as well as on purchases of new of used vehicles.

Service Details

At Obsidian Mortgage Corporation we treat your mortgage and financing endeavours, in a way that would be similar to an investment professional would assist their clients with investment decisions. Because generally when we are dealing with a mortgage, it tends to be one of the largest liablities one would have in their lifetime, we generally believe it is important to ensure the mortgage is a “right Fit” for the individual and their financial situation. We provide all our clients with:

  • Quick Turnaround For Assessment Of your Options.
  • Competitive Rates.
  • Experienced Staff to Assist you through the process.
  • Full and Comprehensive Disclosure
  • No Hassle/Haggle Best Rate Programs
  • Financing Options Even when the Banks says No
  • Professional Service/Advice
  • Real World Solutions to Real financial problems


If you are considering financing for any of items listed above , please feel free to contact us at 416-283-2377 to discuss your financing request today!

All mortgage products offered over 90% of the value of your property,are based on satisfactory credit approval and income verification, however in many cases we are able to provide alternative mortgage financing solutions up to 90% of the value of  your property  if you are self employed and/or  have had recent credit issues that would prevent you from receiving traditional CMHC insured bank financing .

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