Richard Samuels AMP,EMD

Richard Samuels AMP,EMD CEO, President, Principal Broker

Mr. Samuels is a performance-driven accredited mortgage and financing professional who has shown a proven ability in the craft of creating viable mortgage investment options for investment clientele, and building and providing quality mortgage financing solutions that meet a variety of different needs.

As the founding director, president and principal broker, Mr. Samuels has grown Obsidian Mortgage Corp. from the ground up, ensuring sustained revenue growth and profitability. As a hands-on mortgage manager, and an accomplished founding Chief Compliance Officer and managing director for a Mortgage investment fund , a Private Capital Dealer and a Mortgage administration corporation specializing in private and syndicated mortgages alike.  Mr. Samuels  has experience in developing and overseeing all facets of the mortgage investment process.

I enjoy being able see the benefits and satisfaction that the overwhelming majority of our clients are able to receive, and I also enjoy knowing that the hard work and measured approaches that our team, and partners continue to provide to the financing industry bring true value to our clients, in ways that traditional lenders and financiers may never understand.


Key accomplishments include sustained profitability since inception and the generations of consistent returns for investment clientele over the previous three years, including discrete managed pools where returns in some cases  exceeded 25 per cent annually,  Both Richard Samuels and Obsidian Mortgage Corporation have been recognized and nominated nationally by the Canadian Mortgage Professional magazine for both the 2009 and 2010 CMP awards for Independent Brokerage of the year and best newcomer firm, and recently ranked as one of the Top Canadian Independent Brokers and Brokerage Firms  in 2017.  We also received recognition internationally, as Wealth and Finance international’s 2016 Finance award winner for Best Independent Mortgage Brokerage of the Year in Canada.


Richard  Samuels, AMP,EMD

CEO/Principal Broker

Principal Broker Licence#: M08000433

Mortgage Brokerage License#: 10473

Mortgage Administrator License#: 12507


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