What to expect if the The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation are Privatized…?

The Financial Post released an article today, based on excerpts created by Stanley H Hartt, Counsel, and a former Chairman of Macquarie Capital Markets Ltd. and Citigroup Global Markets Canada Inc. from a December issue of Inside Policy, the magazine of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute. 

In this Article Mr. Hartt discusses previous methods of privatizing Federal Housing and mortgage Agencies used in countries such as Australia. and the article itself does a great job of indicating the reasons why a new approach to how CMHC is handled in the future may be necessary  in light of a slow recovery from the financial crisis, coupled with a low rate environment, and with all indicators still pointing to marginal increases at best over the next 2 years, Canadians may see another potential further holding of rates for another 2 years.

It was also suggested that in the case of privatization of the CMHC Certain policy aspects would most likely stay with the government, these could consist of:

Affordable housing

Housing on First Nations Reserve

Mortgage Bond Securitization

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