I have always like to believe that through thoughtful knowledge & discipline, and with the proper balance of risk and reward, Peace of Mind is possible for all of us.
It has been a great honour, considering all the wonderful people I have been fortunate enough to meet and serve by providing solutions that met both their financial and investment needs. I am humbled by some of the amazing success stories we have encountered, and I am constantly encouraged by the response given to us by both our clients and colleagues within the industry.
Richard Samuels
Founding Director

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We are a Network of mortgage and financing professionals dedicated to assisting our clients with their financing and investment needs.

With a robust line of different financing options to choose from, we look forward to assisting you in selecting the right financing solution for you, no matter the current financial situation (good, or bad).

If you are currently seeking financing for a property, car, or for your business, we encourage you to experience the world of financing that Obsidian has to offer, and we look forward to serving you.

Personal Finance & Business Solutions
Find out more about our Mortgage financing, as well as our business and Auto Financing Solutions
Commercial Financing Solutions
If you are seeking financing for a property that is being used for business purposes, such as an industrial unit,mixed residential unit, or an apartment building, Find out how Obsidian can help.
Private Mortgage Investment Solutions
Private Mortgage Investment Solutions Obsidian’s Quality Alternative Investment Solutions are a proven fixed income investment method of making your money work for you. Find out more.
Liability Management Services
Handling Liabilities such as credit cards, and high debt loans can be difficult at times. We can assist, find out how..
Insurance Solutions
Added Protection for one of your largest investments, in the case of critical illness, disability, or unemployment.Find out more.

Our Team

With over 20 years of financing experience behind us, you can be sure that there is very little we haven’t seen in terms of home, personal, and commercial financing requests. Rest assured we wil not only assist you with your financing needs by bringing you options. solutions.

Ann Samuels
Mortgage Agent
  Annuja Samuels Client Administration, Obsidian Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Agent Mortgage Agent License#: M09002110 Email: asamuels@obsidianmortgages.com   Ann Samuels is the true definition of the word ” MultiTasker ” within our organization, who brings a strong analytical and  Quality Assurance background to the team, and clients she serves. She works…
Richard Samuels
Managing Director
Richard Samuels Founding Director, Principal Broker Mortgage Broker License#: M08000433 Email: rsamuels@obsidianmortgages.com   Richard is a performance-driven accredited mortgage and financing professional who has shown a proven ability in the craft of creating viable mortgage investment options for investment clientele, and building and providing quality mortgage financing solutions that meet…
Om Mehta
Business Development Manager
Om Mehta Business Development Manager Email: mehtaom@obsidianmortgages.com Om is a seasonsed mortgage industry professional, with decades of experience assisting clients in their financing pursuits. He works tirelessly to serve the numerous mortgage agents and brokers under his watch to secure the right mortgage and finance solution for their clients.  
Kanchan Kaura
Mortgage Agent
Kanchan Kaura Obsidian Mortage Corporation Mortgage Agent Mortgage AgentLicense#: M19001506 Email:kkaura@obsidianmortgages.com   Book a Free Consultation With Kancha Kaura today!
Muhunthan ( Moe ) Pathmanathan
Mortgage Agent
Muhanthan (Moe) Pathmanathan Obsidian Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Agent Mortgage Agent License#: M09002110 Email: pmanathan@obsidianmortgages.com   Book a Free Consultation With Moe Pathmanathan today!


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