Real Financing solutions for your
Clients Real Needs
Obsidian Mortgage and Financing Professionals are able to offer an assortment of different financing solutions to meet the needs of their clients.  This Means providing alternative forms of financing when banks and other Major Financial Institutions are unable to assist.

Other Financing Solutions We Offer:

  • Real Estate Financing
  • Equipment Financing
  • Vehicle Financing
  • Credit Card/Lines of Credit
  • Invoice Financing
  • Debt Consolidation/Settlement Solutions
  • Small Business & Corporate Financing

More than just a Mortgage Agent

You Are a Financing Professional

We empower all our consultants to specialize in a “niche” of comfort, however the fact is it can be much easier to use the many financing options we have at our disposal to provide your clients with the financing assistance to meet their financial goals.

Infact, there will be many forseeable occasions where we WILL be able to provide alternative financing for your client when banks are unable to assist.

We Offer

Central Underwriting Services

We take away the stress and hassle of worrying where to send a deal, and remembering every lender and their ever changing guidelines, with our Central Underwriting services. These services allow you to submit the particulars of a deal and discuss the the available options with your client.

Support Staff  of Team Players That Work for You and Your Client
  • Support staff is available to discuss the True Merits of a deal and potential financing options available. Support staff functions also include:
  • Back Office Support: to Ensure you are on top of your client’s needs by assisting you in the timely management of renewals,and loans/mortgages coming up to maturity.
  • Client Administrative Support: We work with lawyers, and house insurance providers to assist you and your clients all the way through the financing process until the deal closes.
Other Bonuses / Incentives
  • Earn up to 100% of your Commissions
  • Receive full Health Benefits
  • Marketing Support
  • Online and In Class Training
An in knowledge pays the best interest.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a financing and mortgage professional please feel free to give us a call to discuss, or email your resume and cover letter to, or fax us the package at 416-283-5820 attention Hiring Manager.

*Please note when emailing cover letters  and resumes will only be accepted if they are delivered in the following formats: