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Complimentary (Free) Services
We also offer free complimentary services for our clients, that we enthusiastically encourage every one to take advantage of.
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Liability Management Services
Liability Management is defined as the process of progressively paying down and handling those outstanding bills, in a manner that minimizes the risk of financial instability. This can be an important area, not to be overlooked by households who are in a situation where they are unable to afford/handle for…
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Insurance Solutions
We currently offer a robust line of Mortgage Insurance Solutions to assist with protecting the largest liability that most canadians have. We currently offer the following Mortgage Specialty protection products: Mortgage Protection Products ** Fully Portable Coverage Available! ** Life* Mortgage Balance is paid in the event that the applicant passes…
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Private Mortgage Investment Solutions
Obsidian Private Mortage Investment solutions are great alternative investments for those individuals, who are seeking locally sheltered investment options within their portfolios that generate fixed income. These investments can be used to replace or substitute existing real estate investment like becoming a land lord, with many of the same benefits and…
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Commerical Mortgage Financing
We have all heard the addage that time is money. For commercial property owners, property managers, and real estate developers this is usually the case. Each day or month that is delayed can bring about a cost of thousand of dollars (if not more) depending on the nature of the…
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Personal Finance Solutions
Personal Finance Solutions Custom Tailored For You We at Obsidian Mortgage Corporation & Financial Services strive to relieve some of the personal stress that can be associated with making those difficult financing decisions such as with the purchase of a new or second home. This is accomplished by providing competitive…

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