“Talent wins games, but and intelligence wins championships”
Although Micheal Jordan was actually referring to basketball, the very same can be said in almost anything. A good team with quality players, along with a good game plan and strategic execution can assist us in improving and enriching our finances as well as many other facets of our lives.

Our team at Obsidian looks forward to assisting you.

Richard Samuels
Founding Director

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Teamwork and Intelligence Win
in Our

With over 20 years of financing experience behind us, you can be sure that there is very little we haven’t seen in terms of home and commercial financing requests. Rest assured we wil not only assist you with your financing needs by bringing you options. We will also be there to provide the assistance, and support you need to further understand the finance options presented and how they work, and how much they cost, (in both the short term and long term, ) so you know what to expect, when selecting the right finance solution for your personal needs.

Ann Samuels
Mortgage Agent
  Annuja Samuels Client Administration, Obsidian Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Agent Mortgage Agent License#: M09002110 Email: asamuels@obsidianmortgages.com Phone Number: 416-283-2377 ext. 112 Fax: 416-283-5820   Ann Samuels is the true definition of the word ” MultiTasker ” within our organization, who brings a strong analytical and  Quality Assurance background to the…
Richard Samuels
Managing Director
Richard Samuels Founding Director, Principal Broker Mortgage Broker License#: M08000433 Email: rsamuels@obsidianmortgages.com Phone Number: 416-283-2377 ext. 111 Fax: 416-283-5820   Richard is a performance-driven accredited mortgage and financing professional who has shown a proven ability in the craft of creating viable mortgage investment options for investment clientele, and building and…
Om Mehta
Business Development Manager
Om Mehta Business Development Manager Email: mehtaom@obsidianmortgages.com Mortgage Agent License#: M08006224 Phone Number: 416-283-2377 ext. 116 Fax: 416-283-5820 Om is a seasoned mortgage industry professional, with decades of experience assisting clients in their financing pursuits. He works tirelessly to serve the numerous mortgage agents and brokers under his watch to…
Muhunthan ( Moe ) Pathmanathan
Mortgage Agent
Muhanthan (Moe) Pathmanathan Obsidian Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Agent Mortgage Agent License#: M09002110 Email: mpathmanathan@obsidianmortgages.com Phone Number: 416-283-2377 ext. 124 Fax: 416-283-5820   Book a Free Consultation With Moe Pathmanathan today! [ea_bootstrap worker="6" service="1" location="1"]
Cedric D’souza
Mortgage Agent
Cedric D’souza Obsidian Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Agent Mortgage Agent License#: M017002845 Email: Cedricd@obsidianmortgages.com       Book a Free Consultation With Cedric today! [ea_bootstrap worker="11" service="1" location="1"]