Obsidian Private Mortage Investment solutions are great alternative investments for those individuals, who are seeking locally sheltered investment options within their portfolios that generate fixed income. These investments can be used to replace or substitute existing real estate investment like becoming a land lord, with many of the same benefits and rewards as becoming landlord, without the hassle and property management issues that can usually are accompanied with Real estate investments.

Further, at Obsidian we also provide a comprehensive line of Mortgage investment opportunities that allow you to be as hands on, or hands off as you wish.


Private Mortgage Investment Placement Program

These Investment opportunities are ideal for the experienced investor who seeks aggressive high-yeild returns and is not intimidated by situations of default and/or power of sale. Each mortgage investment is owned directly by the investors are independently responsible for the administration and management of each individually selected investment.

Generally, our 2nd mortgage investments over the years have had annual yields at maturity greater than 18%.

Private placement applicants receive free enrolment into our Private Investor Exchange Program (PIXchange). The PIXchange program gives investors access to an online platform that allow investors access to information that affects their current and future investment opportunities. Investors can also use the system to reserve or make bids on available mortgage investments online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Private Investors Exchange (PIXchange)

The Private Investors Exchange (PIXchange) is an internet-based Canadian Service that connects its members with private investment opportunities secured by real estate.

These investment opportunitites consists primarily of  private 1st, 2nd,3rd  mortgage investment opportunities that chartered banks, and major financial institutions are unable to finance due to stricter federal and provincial lending guidelines.

These mortgages are originated through our own selection of approved mortagage origination providers, who supply real estate investment opportunities for our network of Private Investors.

You Dont Have to be a chartered bank, or financial institution to participate in the experience of Mortgage lending. Private Investor Exchange members are equity lenders who place their emphasis on the collateral and existing equity n a property, and an appettite for annual returns on these investments that would make their local banker jealous.

For more information about The Private Investor placement program or The Private Investor Exchange (PIXchange) please give Richard Samuels a call at 416-283-4735 ext.111.