Annuja Samuels
Client Administration, Obsidian Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent License#: M09002110

Phone Number: 416-283-2377 ext. 112
Fax: 416-283-5820


Ann Samuels is the true definition of the word ” MultiTasker ” within our organization, who brings a strong analytical and  Quality Assurance background to the team, and clients she serves. She works with clients, lenders, and lawyers, alike to ensure that all mortgage deals close in a timely matter, as well as assisting with many of the day to day administrative functions of our head office.

As a Consultant  she works hard to assist small business owners, to work smarter instead of harder with their retained earnings, and receivables, and has saved her clients millions of dollars with her keen abilities to see beyond  the numbers and her ability to supply solutions that assist small business owners  to identify potential places of opportunities, and for improved efficiency within their businesses.

Before Joining Obsidian Mortgage Corporation and Financial Services, almost 10 years ago, Ann worked with the Department of Justice of Canada(DOJ), and Human Resources Canada (HRDC), and was the head of Quality Assurance for the YMCA,  assisting young canadians, and there families,  as well as lawyers, and judges, just as she assists her clients and colleagues today.

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