Suganthan Thavarajasingam
Obsidian Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker License#: M08010501


Suganthan is a very dynamic, and multifaceted individual who brings a strong marketing background to the financing services he provides, particularly to the Mortgage Broker community, and to those clients who are small business owners.
Prior to Joining Obsidian Mortgage Corporation & Financial Services in 2005, Suganthan was the Founding CEO of a Remake Media, a Marketing Company, and also the Founding Editor in Chief for a Local Finance Magazine, named “Bucks”. This magazine saw subscripitions/distributions of over 30,000 copies per quarter to Toronto, in it’s inaugural year.

With over 7 years of experience serving and assisting clients,brokers, and financial professionals alike, attain financing solutions that work. Suganthan is always eager to assist anyone who is willing, no matter how difficult the situation may seem.

I enjoy providing avenues for clients with a wide range of financial needs, and being their when they succeed in acheiving their goals.

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